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Page positioning – Who should outsource website positioning? Website owners have no doubt that a website needs not only to be developed, but also to be optimized. This allows you to achieve the desired position in search engines, and thus attract more customers. However, the question remains, to whom to outsource website positioning? Is it worth taking individual steps on your own?

SEO on your own – yes or no?

To begin with, let’s consider whether independent positioning of a website can be effective? There is no doubt that this is the cheapest way to optimize the site – we do not incur any costs, but do we achieve the desired results at the same time? The answer is not obvious, because a lot depends on whether we have the appropriate knowledge and experience in the field of website positioning. In general, independent, effective positioning can only be undertaken by SEO specialists. Meanwhile, people who learn only from books or webinars will most likely not be able to achieve the desired results. Another issue is the time we have to spend on positioning the website.

There is no doubt that it usually takes at least a few months to optimize a website. In the case of highly competitive industries, we can even talk about an annual optimization process. These periods refer to situations in which actions are taken on an ongoing basis and the person undertaking the task has the appropriate knowledge. Meanwhile, those who position websites on their own often procrastinate in performing subsequent tasks. This results, for example, from the need to fulfill other professional or family obligations. Nevertheless, as far as possible, we should commission the optimization of the website to a person who has the appropriate knowledge and is able to implement individual stages within a certain time.

Marketing agency – is it worth working with?

Website positioning services are provided by professional marketing agencies. They employ SEO specialists, copywriters or graphic designers who have specialist knowledge and extensive professional experience. They are able to implement even the most difficult projects, for example, companies that operate in very difficult, competitive industries.

The rules of cooperation are always determined individually, taking into account the needs and financial capabilities of the client. He signs a contract with the agency under which the services are provided. The agency, on the other hand, issues an invoice, on the basis of which the website owner can settle as an entrepreneur. Nevertheless, cooperation with a specialized marketing agency also has some disadvantages. First of all, let’s remember about finances – with a very limited budget, it may turn out that employees will only perform some of the tasks in the field of website positioning for us. There is no doubt that cooperation with a marketing agency is a relatively expensive solution. Usually, only larger companies that have larger advertising budgets decide on it. Small entrepreneurs, on the other hand, have to find relatively large funds.

Cooperation with a freelancer – what does it look like?

 A slightly cheaper way to position a website is to work with a freelancer who specializes in SEO. Freelancers are often people who used to be employees of marketing agencies, but now decide to run their own business. Many of them run a business, so they are able to issue an invoice to us without any problems. Freelancers are usually qualified people, but among them we can encounter those who do not have much knowledge, taking their first steps in this profession. Their actions can be long-term and bring little effect.

Unfortunately, we’re never sure who we’re going to meet. Therefore, we should use opinions about specific people and check their portfolio before we decide to start cooperation. In addition, let’s pay attention to the prices proposed by freelancers. In general, they should be lower than those offered by the marketing agency. However, this is not a rule – it may happen that a freelancer will propose a similar offer as a specialist entity.

Who to choose for website positioning?

Choosing a person who will be responsible for positioning our website is not easy. First of all, we should determine the budget we have. It depends mainly on him whether we will be able to afford cooperation with a specialized marketing agency. Of course, we can also use the equally effective services of a freelancer who will offer more favorable terms of cooperation. Remember, however, that positioning a website is a task for a specialist who has the appropriate knowledge and experience. Otherwise, we may not take the desired position in search engines for a long time.

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