Why books are more interesting than movies

Why books are more interesting than movies – surely you have heard more than once that reading books can be useful. Why? First of all, the passion for literature allows you to effectively relieve stress, expand vocabulary, broaden horizons, develop concentration, creativity and emotional intelligence. Second, our brains work very differently when reading literature than when watching movies, giving book fans an advantage over movie fanatics.

Why are books more interesting than movies?

By devoting time to reading, we simultaneously train different parts of the brain: areas responsible for visual perception, speech, imagination, thinking and emotions. Nerve fibers are covered with a denser layer of conductive material called myelin, which actually protects against many brain diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease.

When reading, we don’t have to focus on the screen and forget about everything in the world, we have the opportunity to take a break, get to know the author’s mind, connect what we read with our own memories, evaluate the characters’ experiences and learn about their values. And we can only digest it after watching this movie. And all because our consciousness, by its nature, resists the fact that it simultaneously perceives external events and turns to internal experiences. So if you want to better absorb new ideas and apply them in your life, choose books.

Why is the book always better than the movie?

Television and film have come a long way over the years. But despite the rapid progress and development of media technology, they do not come close to the charm of good old books. Which is better, book or movie? If you like reading, the answer is obvious. After all, the unbridled imagination combined with the author’s brilliant writing will instantly beat any of the most expensive sets, special effects and even actors used to heroic images.

That’s why many of us prefer this book because of its unstoppable and limitless ability to transport us to the most amazing and unknown worlds in the blink of an eye. For the world, no one has been able to show us in any film adaptation. Books are not like movies that do not accumulate images but meanings. It is also an undeniable advantage of reading. The better the book is, the more ideas and meaning it has, and the movie is easily completely without them, and even then it can remain good and even classic. Also, it’s almost impossible to capture any idea or meaning in the film.

Finally, receiving books requires at least minimal effort on your own, and with the push of a button, videos will start receiving automatically. This is also an important aspect, because the value and memory of information obtained by focusing and overcoming the smallest obstacles is undoubtedly higher than the value of information pumped electronically into the brain. In short, on obvious and basic grounds, books are much better than movies, and it is precisely in terms of activating the brain that you cannot replace books with movies. Don’t let film aesthetes play with intellectual fantasies.

Books or movies – what to choose?

There are interesting moments in the book where we can stop, read again, think of a new idea, imagine how the plot would change if the characters behaved differently, dream and read on. Almost no one keeps video. Information flies into our ears and evokes certain emotions in us, but it flies away again because something new appears on the screen. Second, when you read, you can quickly memorize new words, sentence patterns, and the author’s writing style.

Why is it better to choose a book?

      • First the book, then the movie. Anyone who has at least read the book and then watched the film adaptation will agree that there is a difference in feeling and perception. Readers will see the inconsistencies and changes that usually occur in movies.
      • A detailed description of the character’s character. By reading this book, you can better understand the characters in the works, better understand their personalities and behaviors, and a chance to understand their minds. Everything in the smallest detail cannot be shown in the film.
      • When you read, your brain is working at full capacity. This book makes you think, experience, analyze, try to anticipate the plot and understand the main ideas the author wants to convey to us. You create mental images of people, you imagine the described space, and in the film they do it for you. While reading
      • Your attention is greater than when watching a movie.
      • Movie format. Art has no limits. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to convey all the details and subtleties of the plot in 2 hours, so information is often changed or cut off.
      • You expand your vocabulary. Science has proven that when reading a book, we come across more unique words than in a movie. You don’t have to be a great mathematician to understand that there are more words in books than in movies.
      • You can’t say that movies are unnecessary because they help to relax. This book is an equal dialogue between the author and the reader, who can communicate, discuss and search for the truth together.

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