Artificial flowers

Artificial flowers – No matter how much the competition in business increases, no matter what crises affect the economy, there are always two types of goods available: food and flowers. Many people cannot imagine life without solemn moments, unforgettable events. One of the most beautiful holidays in life is a wedding, for which preparation includes decoration with attributes such as artificial flowers and ribbons.

But artificial flowers can be used for everyday decoration, as they emphasize styling and do not require special care. Where to buy such decorations? A proven source is the wholesale of artificial flowers, because it has 25 years of experience in this industry. In addition, it offers a huge selection of products and a functional customer panel.

Increased demand for artificial flowers

Artificial flowers have several advantages over natural ones, including: variety of shapes and colors, no special care requirements, storage time. Of course, artificial flowers, the price of which satisfies many buyers, do not have the same fragrance that nature gives a natural counterpart, but their use in festive interior and exterior decoration, in wedding processions is more convenient and even profitable.

Artificial flowers are also an attribute of funeral ceremonies, honoring All Saints’ Day, when everyone wants to decorate the grave of a loved one as fully as possible. It is also an indispensable decoration of the most important holidays that bring joy, such as Christmas and Easter. In the wholesaler of artificial flowers, you can buy ready-made bouquets and individual articles, thanks to which you can create a beautiful composition, bouquet, bouquet yourself.

What types of assortment are available in the wholesale of artificial flowers?

      • Artificial flower bouquets – with different amounts of flowers and types: roses, tulips, orchids, dahlias, gerberas, daffodils and much more.
      • Artificial trees – deceptively similar to natural ones, are: chestnut, cypress, wisteria, olive tree, ficus, boxwood, azalea and many more.
      • Artificial twigs of trees and shrubs – twigs of linden, mango, croton, ficus, maple, rose, wild elderberry, black cathelium and much more.
      • Flower sprigs – dahlia, gladiolus, orchid, amaryllis, rose, poppy, tulip and more.
      • Flower heads – anthurium, orchid, rose, chrysanthemum, gerbera, hydrangea, peony, lily, poinsettia and more.
      • Flower petals – roses, hydrangeas.
      • Dried plants – I examine, wicker wreath, birch stars, cinnamon, orange slices and more.
      • Flower compositions – for interiors, weddings, holidays and funerals.
      • Home decorations – casings, vases, metal trays and more.

In addition to the listed assortment of artificial flower wholesalers, you can purchase accessories for self-creation of compositions. They are used by both florists and private individuals. Floristic accessories are definitely useful: wire, flower polish, floristic net, foil, garnet, pins, marshmallows, decorative fruit, angels, Christmas trees and more. You can also buy garden and indoor water fountains.

Wholesale of flowers has a positive impact on business

Wholesale of artificial flowers should be of interest primarily to owners of shops specializing in the sale of such articles and producers of artificial flowers. A modern florist should have a full range of artificial arrangements for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions. Artificial flowers give designers plenty of creative opportunities to create a unique festive atmosphere. Wholesale of artificial flowers will allow you to decorate houses, offices, shopping and entertainment centers, shop windows.

Everyone dreams that the house will always be decorated with a luxurious bouquet or charming potted plants. Or maybe someone likes modern floristry or fashionable florariums? This is where artificial floristry helps. Artificial flowers for home interiors are a great alternative to live plants and a fashionable element of decor in various rooms, from the living room to the bathroom.

How to choose the right artificial flowers

Decor made of artificial flowers for the interior of the house can be purchased ready-made, made to order in a flower shop or made with your own hands, showing creativity and imagination. In order for the design of the room to be fun, artificial flowers for home decor must support the stylistic solution and color scheme. The type of plants and the format of the composition will be different for country and baroque, classic and loft styles. For example, a classic-style living room will be decorated with a Biedermeier table arrangement of exclusive flowers and dark green.

A cozy kitchen with a country feel needs potted herbs or sunflowers in a jug. Plants at home cheer up, please the eye and delight guests. Properly integrated into the interior design, an artificial plant will bring its owner no less pleasure than real flowers. In addition, this decor will complement any room, as there are many variations and styles.

Artificial flowers to say goodbye to a loved one

It so happened that flowers accompany a person throughout his life, being a symbol of joy, holidays, but also used during a farewell funeral ceremony. Various artificial flowers, bouquets and wreaths are most often made of artificial flowers, twigs, leaves and ribbons. Properly decorated wreaths are complemented by mourning ribbons with inscriptions of words of deep regret. If wreaths made of artificial flowers are funeral attributes, then during a visit to the cemetery, bouquets of artificial flowers, compositions on wood, funeral compositions, on a wreath, in a vase with angels are brought to the graves. The flower seems to symbolize the birth, gradual wilting and death of a person.

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